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First Choice Roofing

The friendly builders from First Choice Roofing prevent ice damming on the roofs of homes and businesses. An improperly insulated and ventilated roof gives off heat from the building to melt the snow on your roof. If the air temperature is cold enough, the water will refreeze and gather at the edge of your roofing. While the top layer remains frozen, the ice closest to your roof melts, becoming trapped. This in turn seeps through your roof, causing significant damage to your property.

First Choice Roofing improves your insulation and ventilation to completely prevent ice dams from forming – guaranteed.

Our Ice Damming Prevention Services Include:

  • Snow and ice removal
  • Ridge vent and ventilation service
  • Soffit and fascia repair and replacement
  • Roof insulation added

If you have been the unfortunate victim of the damage caused by ice dams, call our roofers. They will repair and replace your roof so that you will never have to bear that cost again.

If you believe your house has the potential to experience ice dams, but you don’t have the resources to replace your roof this year, we can come and remove snow and ice from your roof for you. Don’t hire your neighborhood kids to remove rooftop snow and ice for you. Not only do they risk falling, but those untrained in snow removal may seriously damage your roofing material.

Contact First Choice Roofing today at 888-503-0050 for a free estimate, or browse the website for more information about siding installation or roof repair.

Ice Damming - Brookline, MA - First Choice Roofing


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